2009 Home Tour


See the photos below which were taken on the day of the Tour. Click on the photos to enlarge them.


Queen Anne cottage.  Martinez, CA.

This home at 1135 Susana Street is a Victorian. One's attention is immediately drawn to the fish scale shingles in the gable end and to a pair of windows below -- set into canted corners. Each window is topped off by a pair of Victorian brackets joined together with a drop finial. The home owner is Nancy Peacook.

Queen Anne Victorian living room.  2009 Martinez Home Tour

The owner of the home is a collector. Every available surface is utilized as display space for her wonderful collections of art, photos, figurines, animals, ceramics and more.

Sun room added to Victorian Cottage.  2009 Historic Home Tour.  Martinez, CA.

The sun room in the front of the house is flooded with light. It was an early 1900's addition to the house.

Dual fuel stove.  Gas or wood.  Martinez, CA.
This antique stove can be operated with two fuel sources: gas or wood. Once common, these stoves are now rare. The stove is fully functional and the gas portion remains in daily use.

2009 Martinez Home Tour docent.
Stained glass transom.  2009 Martinez Home Tour.

A whimsical transom of stained glass with a pair of cats is located over an interior door.

1926 Model A Ford Coupe.The antique car parked at the curb is a 1926 Model A Ford Coupe.

Victorian cottage.  2009 Martinez Home Tour. Here we have another Victorian home at 1214 Estudillo Street. Though Queen Victoria's reign of 63 years came to an end in 1901, this house was built in 1904. Victorian homes continued to be built after the monarch's passing albeit in steadily declining numbers. By World War 1, the Victorian style had passed into history. This charming example is owned by Jennifer Marttinen.

Porch swing.  Victorian cottage.  2009 Martinez Home Tour.
Our Victorian ancestors spent time outside on the porch in the front of the house, while in our era, we use the deck behind our house. The docent at this home, Christine Wisniewski, greets visitors from the bench swing on the front porch which overlooks Susana Park.

Living room.  Victorian cottage.  2009 Martinez Home Tour. The living room is decorated with formal European furniture and antiques.

Cheerful country kitchen in Victorian home in Martinez, CA. This is the entrance (from the dining room) into the homey country kitchen.

Kitchen.  Victorian cottage.  2009 Martinez Home Tour. Here the camera is focused on the passage way from the kitchen to the garden room.

 Garden room at back of Victorian residence.  2009 Martinez Historic Home Tour.
Docent _________________ rests on a European style sofa in the garden room. The doors are thrown open to provide access to the deck behind the house.

Deck behind Victorian home in Martinez, California. The deck in the back -- shaded by a large overhanging Valley Oak.

Shady Garden behind Victorian home.  2009 Historic Home Tour.  Martinez, California.
The shady garden in the back, beside the deck, is a cool respite on summer days.

French chateau in Alhambra Valley.  Martinez, CA. This home on Stonehurst Drive was the site of the reception prior to the Home Tour. This is not an historic home but it is a replica of a centuries old chateau in France that the owners visited while in Europe. The owners are Tom and Donna Powers.

Vineyard in front of French chateau in Alhambra Valley.  Martinez, CA. This is the vineyard in front of the chateau as viewed from a second story window.

2009 Martinez Home Tour Reception at home of Tom and Donna Powers In this photo, the reception is in progress. From left are Gay Gerlack, Tom Powers (host), Sheila Grilli and June Rogers. Gay, Sheila and June are all members of the Home Tour Committee.

Garden party.  French chateau in Alhambra Valley.  Martinez, CA.
Also pictured at the reception are Carolyn Boone Duncan (left) and Carol Russell Schultz. As of 2013, Carolyn is the Chair of the Home Tour Committee. Carol has been Chair in the past.

Bedroom in French manse located outside Martinez, CA This is an example of a bedroom inside the Powers chateau. Though the home is new, it seems historic because it incorporates architectural elements salvaged from older homes. It also contains other elements that are period-correct reproductions. In addition, furniture from previous eras helps convey the atmosphere of antiquity.

Bathroom in newly constructed French chateau outside of Martinez, CA. Both an antique bath tub and a practical modern shower can be found in this bathroom. The room itself conveys the feel of Old Europe and seems like a room with a past, not one that is new and that has been recently built.

John Muir's home in Martinez, CA The John Muir house is included in the Historic Home Tour each year -- and the National Historic Site waives the usual entrance fee on the day of the Tour. John Muir lived in this Victorian mansion for 27 years: from 1890 until he passed away in 1917.

Garden of California Natives.  John Muir National Historic Site. This is a garden of native California flowers planted in front of the entrance to the John Muir Visitor Center with the help of the California Native Plant Society.

Ranger Tad Shay.  John Muir Historic Site.  Martinez, CA.
Ranger Tad Shay is ready to welcome you to the John Muir National Historic Site.

John Muir's desk.  John Muir Historic Site.  Martinez, CA. The John Muir desk in the den of his home. Photographer unknown.


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The above pictures are provided by photographer Carter Wilson. Contact John Curtis by email if you have corrections or additional information for the captions underneath the above photos.